Train the Trainer-For Classroom Instructors

Let’s avoid “Death by PowerPoint” and make workplace training show a positive impact.

Teach your instructors to avoid Death by PowerPoint

Often Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are not given guidance in instructional design through Train the Trainer courses, and so they rely on the old standard: Slides and the occasional quiz. But this is ineffective; students may retain enough to get through a quiz at the end of class, but are often not able to transfer new behaviors to the job. Train the Trainer is critical for experts assigned to build job skills in others.

Sometimes the best SMEs are the worst at transferring knowledge. The solution is to carefully choose trainers who are interested in teaching others, experts on systems/equipment and are proven to communicate effectively.

With Train the Trainer, teach them to transfer their knowledge into training plans and materials that can take a student from zero knowledge to 100% competence.

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Course Description:

Train the Trainer- For Classroom Trainers- 12 hours

Purpose: A workshop to develop expert training skills for instructors. Learn the secrets of why training fails and prevent it with best in class techniques for effective training. Learn how to make a business impact with training. For those who will be training groups of 6 or more. Learners leave class with a training plan to successfully conduct impactful and engaging training.

Learner Objectives:

  • Identify Your Audience: Decide the need.
  • Compose SMART Objectives
  • Plan to create an environment conducive to learning
  • Identify and Incorporate Adult Learning Principles
  • Identify critical do’s and don’ts in training sessions
  • Determine appropriate evaluation tools
  • Create a final training plan
  • Improve clarity, poise, confidence, stance and technique in group presentations
  • Apply techniques to continuously improve with each presentation
  • Practice removing “um’s”’ and improving poise

Praise for Katy Caselli

“…A Subject Matter Expert with the ability to communicate with everyone…”

“…She kept the class exciting, very knowledgeable and helpful…”

Building Giants, LLC is located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, near Raleigh, NC.


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