New Book :Building Giants

“The book is fantastic- packed with practical application, easy to follow and immensely helpful!” – Becky Morlok  SPHR, SHRM-SCP President/Partner C3

Building Giants is a book designed to end the mystery as to how to transform employees into high performers with a simple training model that actually works, bringing sustainable, bottom-line impact.

Based on the book, published in 2016 by Building Giants Press
Published in 2016 by Building Giants Press

Experts agree that training retention is notoriously dismal in much of organizational training, and that, for the typical adult, recalling more than 10%-20% of the content within a few weeks of the training is all that can be expected.

This means serious frustration for leaders and training staff who get sluggish results, unmet timelines, and low-level skills and performance. Meanwhile, new technology, and competition add urgent pressure for businesses to keep up. Chances are, the reason for failure was that one or more of the critical steps in the training process was missing.

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Katy Caselli: Workforce Development Expert, Train the Trainer instructor for thousands, Organizational Psychologist, and author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training. Call 919-564-6855 (8-5 EST) or email today for a free consultation!

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