People Are Assets-Choose Them Wisely

A typical asset in a company, such as a freezer unit, vehicle, inventory system, or computer gets regular attention. It is purchased, set up, tested, and evaluated. It is put on a maintenance schedule and may get additional repairs, upgrades, and assessments. People must be seen as assets as well. If they are not performing… Continue reading People Are Assets-Choose Them Wisely

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Measuring the Effects of Soft Skills Training

Although soft-skills training courses often get a bad rap in organizations, we also know that, in many companies, it is the soft skills that can make or break a career. Soft skills cause some employees to stand out either negatively or positively. Effective communication, resolving conflicts and the ability to foster creativity and cooperation are… Continue reading Measuring the Effects of Soft Skills Training


Have you Lost Faith in Training Vendors?

Building Giants Newsletter March 14, 2017 Picture this: A vendor calls someone in Human Resources and pitches their Time Management class: “It’s the next best thing to enhance productivity, returning rave reviews, a 300% return on investment for all kinds of companies, including your competitors!” In their opinion, we had better purchase this class before… Continue reading Have you Lost Faith in Training Vendors?


The Toughest Skills Gaps to Fix

Building Giants Newsletter February 14th, 2017 Some workers in technical jobs have minimal basic skills in math and reading. Perhaps they quit school and got a low-paying job. They may be relying on experience to eventually get them into higher paying technical positions. This strategy may work for a while. But as the pressures and… Continue reading The Toughest Skills Gaps to Fix

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The Change Management Side of Training

“I Don’t Want to Learn This.” Participants may not say it to your face, but you can see it in their impatient posture, the sighs, slightly rolling eyes and surreptitious looks at their not quite out of sight smart phone.   Yet you are charged with effectively teaching them new skills and behavior, in time to… Continue reading The Change Management Side of Training