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About Katy

Katy-Caselli is Building Giants with Learning and Development Solutions, effective training, technical training, effective performance, high performance, train the trainer, learning, teaching, training
Katy-Caselli is Building Giants with Learning and Development Solutions

I help workforces develop through structured training programs, and by working with leaders on development planning, performance interventions and technical training solutions, I raise the bar on manufacturing performance while making on-the-job technical training effective.

Why is this my passion? Millions are wasted in either throwing training solutions at workforces that miss their actual skill and knowledge gaps.  Often, leaders do not apply the right solutions and actions that change behaviors, and are disheartened by teams that do not show growth, improvement, autonomy and effectiveness.

I have the experience and education to help leaders realize how to identify training needs, build a plan to address it, and do what it takes to create a change in behavior.  I have seventeen years of targeted experience helping organizations to see positive changes with training.

What I give to others is the insight to clearly see a path to improve their workforce through effective training, make their organizations more competitive and keep manufacturing strong and growing.

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